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The Webber family business started many years ago in the 1950’s.

Initial businesses were started in the fairground and amusements arcade industry. Over the years the business has evolved and encompassed many different facets of the industry.

At present we have a wide range of interests, from family entertainment centres, fairground ride operating, adult gaming centres, to the manufacture of coin operated machines and single site operators.

A wealth of knowledge and experience has been accrued over the past 60 years in an ever changing and evolving industry.

The company prides itself on speed, quality and value for money:

  1. Speed: the ability to react to changing climates within the industry.

  2. Quality: in product, premises and service to all aspect of the companies customers

  3. Value: for money reflects back to the end user to ensure repeat business.

The following pages show a brief outline of Webber business activities however for direct contact with the companies click here or email info@webber-leisure.co.uk



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